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Sample Case restoration

This is a large mahogany clock case sent to me from Tiffany & Co.  The case had been shipped with the clock movement just sitting inside. The clock was a large fusee, and to anyone who knows clocks, these are very heavy movements. The movement bounced around inside the case until it finally smashed thru the side of the case. In addition to the panel being broken, the case itself, which was solid mahogany with inlay, was also damaged.

The damaged wood on the case was removed using a hand chisel and new pieces of mahogany with matching grain were inserted in place.

The original side panels were laminated mahogany to prevent cracking and shrinkage. To use a single piece of wood, carving the pattern would have been imposible due to the grain. I attempted to use as much of the original remaining panel as I could.

As with any resoration, it seems that the color and texture matching is as tough as the actual wood repair. This one was twice as hard because the original fretting on the panels was hand cut, and since I needed to match remaining pieces, hand cutting the repair piece was the only solution. It seemed to take forever.
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Batch Thumbs

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